"We wanted to document the state of craftmanship in Greece today," says Laura Bernhardt, artist, curator and founder, together with photographer and art director Benjamin Tafel, of the online platform From Hand To Hand.

Bernhardt and Tafel, who have been personally connected to Greece since their childhoods, travelled to Athens, up through the peninsula of Pelion, to the islands of Skyros and Spetses, and on to Kilada in the Argolian gulf looking for crafted products that reflect region-specific, social, political and economic conditions, as well as cultural and religious characteristics. "Craftmanship in Greece is the result of many influences which came by sea from Anatolia and Asia," Laura Bernhardt explains."

Konstantinos Vogiatzakis in his workshop in Volos. Story: “Pelion’s last saddler”
Piracy also helped shape the exchange of objects which in turn influenced traditions as we know them today." But apart from history, Bernhardt and Tafel were interested in hearing artisans talking about their profession today and its meaning in these times of crisis. What is still there? What is disappearing because young people have no interest in continuing traditions? "There are no schools or education for craftmanship in Greece," Bernhardt says.

"Craftmanship is mainly carried on by old men, and one can only learn it within the family. But today many young people are moving back home to live with their parents because of the crisis and are trying to make something from whatever they can, so traditional values can be passed on from generation to generation - from hand to hand. But there is still a lot of potential. In Germany, or in Italy, new technologies are applied to craftmanship with amazing results. In Greece this has not yet been explored."

In the workshop of Alexis Kappas in Volos, his long-time employee fixes the freshly tanned hides on a stick and hangs them up for drying. Story “Volos’ tanner”
Boatyard Kikynthos, Apostolis Kouri leans against a boat and takes a long look at the sea. Story: “Boatyards on the tip of the Pelion”
Olgianna Melissinos in her workshop in Athens. Story: “A classic – sandals from Athens”