The brief: create a personal transportation product that innovates in both style and function, specific to the needs and opportunities found in the cities where the students are based. Punkt. will display prototypes of the three designs within the stunning Palazzo Litta during the Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan this April, and they look amazing.

Bike for two, by Design Academy Eindhoven, Man and Activity Department

Riding two-up is common in the Netherlands. Now it’s also easy. The bench-seat takes a passenger, and the motor takes the strain. Concealed battery, built-in foot-rests. Robust side-stand, allowing the bike to function as instant street furniture. The result: conviviality à go-go.

e-CAL 1020 by ECAL, Master Product Design

Travelling in Lausanne means short distances but steep hills. This retro-fit motor harvests downhill braking energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat, and stores it ready to send back to the wheel the moment it is needed. The further you are from the centre of the planet, the more energy you have available to you.

EB 01 by The RCA, Design Product

London features a large number of co-working spaces; this e-bike is designed as an extra service for these businesses to offer. Removing a saddle to prevent theft is normally a hassle; here it’s a handy way to bring the battery in for recharging. The integral navigation system helps non-Londoners find their way around.

The projects will be revealed 3th of April.