“People usually think the glassware they buy in an ordinary shop is all machine made, but actually there are still many pieces made by hand. We wanted to emphasise that. When we visited the factory in Turkey, where the pieces we are displaying in Palazzo Litta were made, it was impressive to see hundreds of glass blowers and glass painters in action.” Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin wanted to make the manual aspect of the glass industry visible and so created two different decorative yet functional collections of glassware for the table.

“It is in the touch of the glass handle where you feel the difference between the master glass artisans and their lesser colleagues. We decided to put extra emphasis on this detail and make the handle very bold. So we asked the glass blowers to blow white colorant into the glass in order to accentuate where the handle is attached.” Formafantasma’s second collection of table objects is sophisticated and plays a lot with colour. “Coloured glass is often sprayed with colorant after it has been blown, because this is cheaper than hand blowing coloured glass. Again, we really wanted to focus attention onto the gesture of the craftsman handling the piece. So we asked the artisans to kind of ‘tag’ their pieces, as if they were sprayed with colour.”

Formafantasma will be presenting their first industrially produced objects for the lighting company Flos. WireRing and Blush Lamp will be unveiled at ‘Euroluce’ Pavillion 13, Booth C09 D18.
Artisans who are trained to deliver impeccable pieces, must have shuddered at the idea they had to emphasize or even inflict imperfections, mustn’t they? “It was certainly a challenge, but rather because these specialist artisans are used to just carrying out what they are instructed to do. We on the other hand didn’t give them drawings and wanted them to create pieces based on their own creativity and the feel of the material. The people in Turkey we worked with gave us their trust and proved to be very open to our ideas.” The results are lively pieces with unique imperfections made by artisans who were invited to step out of their everyday routine.

The two collections made in collaboration with Nude are on view at Palazzo Litta, which Formafantasma considers a godsend, since “this beautiful and impressive building is only rarely open to the public.”

‘FOUNDATION’ by Formafantasma at SPAZIO KRIZIA during the Salone del Mobile © Johanna Seelemann
Besides their glass collection in Palazzo Litta, the Italian duo also have their retrospective exhibition called ‘Foundation’ in Spazio Krizia – they were invited to occupy and reopen this prominent venue of the Fuorisalone after a few years of absence. During the Salone del Mobile they are also launching a new lamp in collaboration with lighting company Flos at Euroluce as well as a series of tiles in collaboration with Italian ceramics producer Cedit.