Spatial Composition with red, blue and yellow by Studio Sabine Marcelis. Photo Lothaire Hucki

Special Jury Prize for Dutch pavilion by Studio Sabine Marcelis

Cannes Film Festival

May 2017
Studio Sabine Marcelis designed a meeting place for the international film industry during the Cannes Film Festival, and won the Special Jury Prize. Marcelis combines her own work with the visual language of De Stijl artists like Piet Mondrian. The designer revives the avant-garde spirit of De Stijl by dissolving the barriers between the creative fields of design, architecture, film, art, and experience, and proves that deep collaboration between these disciplines is the path to visual, technological and cultural innovation in the present day. A jury committee which consisted of chairman Pierre Lescure (President of the Festival de Cannes), Françoise Delbecq (journalist at Elle magazine), Dominique Vachon (former CEO of Vachon) and Charlie Baum (creator and event organizer) awarded the Dutch pavilion with the Special Jury Prize. Besides the Dutch Pavilion, also Switzerland and Latvia received an award for their pavilion.
Read more about Marcelis' work here, and in DAMNº62.