Independent design experts nominated projects in which they recognise these characteristics for the six main categories: Product, Communication, Habitat, Fashion, Design Research and Service & Systems. The work of all nominees is on view during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (21-29 October), and the winners will be announced October 28th.

During the last 15 years, often projects dealing with daily reality have been awarded. This year’s finalists have the intention and potential to shape our future too. "It has struck the committee that the Dutch designers can be characterised by their social engagement and the competency with which they offer solutions to complex problems. On the other hand the committee wonders if the emphasis on responsibilities of designers regarding social issues is desirable. In addition to relevancy there is a need for good designs that, visibly and invisibly, find their way to functional, daily use." This discussion also marks the list of 27 nominations.

Radio Garden | Studio Puckey © Studio Puckey

In addition to the main categories DDA presents special prizes for young talent (Young Designer Award) and clients (Best Client Award). The most promising design for the future will receive the Future Award.

Wheel | Miniot BV © Miniot
Ed van der Elsken poster | Mevis & van Deursen © Ed van der Elsken, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Najaarscollectie 2017 | Sander Lak © Sies Marjan FW
The palace of Typographic Masonry | Richard Niessen © Andre Witkam
De Trap| MRVDV © Ossip van Duivenbode
Zandglas | Atelier NL © Teun van Beers