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crowdfunding campaign launched

June 2017
Dutch designer Annelys de Vet, who's project 'Disarming Design from Palestine' has been featured in DAMNº61, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign: "Disarming Design from Palestine is doing very well - we have great invitations and sales are increasing, but we remain vulnerable and have to bridge 1 or 2 years to be really stable. We are looking for additional funding to enable new products", says de Vet who has been developing, presenting and distributing useful products - everything from key chains and pottery to ‘check-point’ bags and T-shirts, to soap and toys - from Palestine since 2011. “The aim of this inclusive design label is to undo the dominant media image of Palestine by highlighting its human stories.” You coin the crowdfunding campaign here.
Read more about Annelys de Vet's work here
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