Tick off the designers Max Lamb, Bethan Laura Wood, Lazerian and Made Thought, along with the artists Jacqueline Poncelet, Joanna Sands and Richard Woods, plus Adam Holloway Architects. They were all invited to make playful pieces using the paper range of G. F. Smith, a specialist paper company founded in Hull in 1885. The pop-up stunt is part of 'Look Up', a year-long programme of installations created for Hull's public spaces, curated by Hazel Colquhoun and Andrew Knight.

From furniture pieces to sculptures, paper is shown to be an inspiring material for creative expression. Lamb has used it to make furniture-like pieces, each time using three reams – either A1, A2, A3 or A4 – to make, respectively, a dining table for two, a console table, a side table and a stool. Using the full range of Colorplan's 50 colours, the layers have been bound together in order reveal the tones like geological strata.

Made Thought, Fabric of Hull, All 50 shades of Colorplan from G . F Smith, 350gsm, 1800 x 40 x 960 mm strips
Adam Holloway Architects have made a large-scale, spiral sculpture, the curvilinear form of which was inspired by the way certain plants ruffle their leaves as they grow. Poncelet has filled a gallery with an in situ landscape of constellations of folded paper, evocative of stars. Meanwhile, Wood has created a tropical installation evoking various kinds of algae and Made Thought have woven together Colorplan's 50 shades to make a pixellated tapestry-like piece.

The exhibition coincides with G. F. Smith’s announcement about the world's favourite colour. The company launched an online survey asking thousands of people in over 100 countries to vote for their preferred colour. The winning shade is a dark teal hue, combining deep green and blue, that recalls the landscape and the sea. It has been named Marrs Green after Annie Marrs, who participated in the survey and picked the shade closest to it. G. F. Smith is temporarily adding this to its Colorplan range as its 51st shade.

Richard Woods, Elevations adjacent to Humber Street and Pier Street, Bright Red/Cool Grey of Colorplan from G . F Smith, 350gsm, 520 x 780 mm
In a celebratory stunt, G. F. Smith poured a cascade of small paper helicopters over Humber Street in Hull and has opened up a pop-up shop selling products made in Marrs Green.

Jacqueline Poncelet, Island Life (detail), All 50 shades of Colorplan from G . F Smith (A4’s Candy Pink), 6000+ x A5 creased cards + A4 cards, Cut and creased cards
Jacqueline Poncelet, Island Life, All 50 shades of Colorplan from G . F Smith (A4’s Candy Pink), 6000+ x A5 creased cards + A4 cards, Cut and creased cards
Bethan Laura Wood, Seaweed Kites, Various ranges (Colorplan, Gmund Bier, Gmund Alzezan, Gmund Action), 640x960mm, Duplexed, CAD cut into various shapes
Joanna Sands
Lazerian, Local Fish, Various shades and weights of Colorplan from G . F Smith, 800 x 640 x 960mm, Various embossing
Made Thought, World's Favourite Colour, 350gsm
Max Lamb, 35,000 gsm, All 50 shades of Colorplan from G . F Smith, 700gsm, 800 X A4, A3, A2, A1, Laminated
GFSmith, WFC, Pop-up shop
GFSmith, Postcard & Pencil