In Was ist Loos? (What's going on?) the London-based Dutch designer Ineke Hans, who recently became professor of Design in Social Context at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, shows past and new work grouped around three themes: Making & Making Sense, Dealing with the Digital, and Less. Pertinent topics, which are all influencing the position of contemporary design and designers. The title of the exhibition is also a playful reference to Austrian-Czech architect Adolf Loos, whose architectural trace can be followed throughout Vienna, and whose Ornament & Verbrechen (Ornament & Crime, 1908) is regarded as a pivotal text for modernism in design history. A new chair Hans developed for Kunsthalle Wien with Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is also presented at the exhibition, as well as the prototype of a desk for Opendesk, the platform for open source furniture production.

Picking the harvest of her ongoing design research, the ideas explored during the London Salons, and the insights shared at the exhibition in Kunsthalle Wien, Hans also presents her Explore & Act pamphlet: insights, conclusions and recommendations for the future of design and for designers – action points to drive design forward in the future. On view here.

Instant desk for Open Desk