60-years old Belgian company Van Den Weghe, specializing in the sourcing, finishing, and installation of the world’s most noble stone has recently pointed their attention toward collaborating with invited designers and architects to create a line of modern furniture and accessories under the title Van Den Weghe ITEMS.

Primitif is a recent collection produced and sourced by Van Den Weghe and born in a creative collaboration of two French designers, Francesco Balzano and Valeriane Lazard.

Paying tribute to the ancient architectural site of Stonehenge, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Valeriane Lazard and Paris-based Francesco Balzano joined their creative forces to develop eight exceptional items in natural Italian Pietra di Medici stone. The collection celebrates timeless lines, and despite channeling a great aesthetical and tactile value, the functional side is fully present. The original collection was developed in stone yet the designers are working on the additional version in wood.