1. When Paris historic becomes a host for Design

As a wink to “I’m a Monument”  by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, “I’m a Stool” by Ublik x Bam System exhibits within the courtyard of “Les Archives Nationales”.

The change in scale from 1 to 10 aims to transform the object into a monument challenging the border between architecture and design. The unusual presence of this monumental conceptual basis within a cultural and historical site engages a dialogue between contemporary creation and heritage.

Created using the GOFR algorithm, a cornerstone of modular design and Bam Construction System technology I’m a Stool was made because it could free itself from limitations of use, reason and meaning. We can think of this as a first date between design and cultural heritage that we hope will lead to another.

2.Between rehabilitation, metamorphosis

From another perspective to design and architecture, two exhibitions stood out from their singular context, inhabiting hidden architecture jewels under renovation before their rehabilitation.

6 Rue Saintonge, in the historical Paris of Le Marais, StudioLo Gallery created its exhibition within the mysterious shell of what use to be an Elizabethan theatre, just before its impending renovation into a luxurious hotel.  A mineral and ghostly atmosphere of frozen time between the architectural aesthetic of a convent and an abandoned pleasure house highlighted by the work of Fabrice Ausset + six hybrid ceramists.

This is a particularly relevant context for Victor Levai's poetical installation, evoking through the vegetal aesthetic of its ceramic sculptures the idea of nature taking over forsaken spaces, where wild herbs wind their ways through concrete cracks in an attempt at revival.

At 35-37 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois, it is in the undergoing transformation of the beautiful Hotel de Coulange that aims to become a crossroad for contemporary creation, that AD Interiors annual exhibition took place under the very apt title: Metamorphoses. Between the revealed structure of the construction site, there are just over a dozen room imagined and designed by talents who embody the strong currents in decoration. They succeed each other in a very theatrical way: 13 rooms, 13 functions, 13 atmosphere, 13 talents and fascinating contrasts between the rough layout of a building under construction and its possible future metamorphoses.


Following on the use of set design and scenography to showcase innovation for future living, Tarkett asked the French design collective 5.5 to stimulate our imagination and to imagine its flooring material for its creative potential rather than its functional qualities. Vinyl, linoleum, and carpeting turns into sprightly and colourful settings displaying ten environment and ten architectural features to make the Play Book 2019 an inspiration catalogue, raising the profile of flooring and creating an immersive play ground to experience in their showroom of 43 rue de Saintonge for this special occasion.

4. Future is Sharing

When it comes to questioning the future of living, one scenario was repeated this week: the future is sharing. At Maison et Objet the general topic of work brings to light the question of the future of working space with a major focus on well-working while tackling co-working spatial issues. At the Ikea Lab Showroom, Evamaria Rönnegård, who is the development leader of the Better Living department for Ikea, held a talk on house-sharing, exploring future housing scenarios where sharing is the key to well-being. This is one example of a step toward ecology and economy and a shield against social isolation within urban metropoles.

5.Design Italia

To kick off the Autumnal season, the famous Parisian department store Le BHV, bounces on Paris Design Week to focus on design and interior through an event celebrating Italian Lifestyle by associating with the mythical Milanese Figure Rossana Orlandi.

"Design Italia" also materializes through the support GUILTLESSPLASTIC, the latest international design project created by Rossana Orlandi, which initiated the Ro Plastic - Master's Pieces and the first edition of the Ro Plastic Prize 2019. This event brings together some big names of the design scene such as Brodie Neil, Enrico Marone, Fabio Novembre and Patricia Urquiola and it introduces unique pieces of recycled plastic within an exhibition curated by the Italian figure on the fifth floor of the store.

6. 1000 Vases or a lot of vases

For the occasion of Design Italia x Paris Design Week, à REBOURS: Lafayette Anticipation Design’s Shop invite 1000 vases for a selection of Designers in Residence at Palazzo Monti in Brescia in Northern Italy. An emphasis on vases as sculptural objects also on noticed at 107 Rivoli as part of the Belgian Selection COLLECTIBLE.

7. American Design in Paris

For Paris Design Week and in conjunction with the Rising Talent Awards at MAISON&OBJET, the American Design in Paris exhibition was co-presented by Triode x WantedDesign.

While Triode featured a lighting installation from a selection of great American designers, WantedDesign introduced a selection of the French and American collaborative Glass projects shown during WantedDesign Brooklyn 2017, 2018 and 2019. All the Transatlantic duos worked on new and unique pieces that have never been exhibited in France before.

8. Le Off - 46 Vertbois

As part of the new generation of French Designers, Design Academy Eindhoven Alumni were also present in Paris this past week at Le OFF - 46 Vertbois under the collective Op De Golf among them:  Elissa Lacoste, Geoffrey Pasca and Millie Herpin.


Fantasmagorie, or the art of making ghosts speak in public, originated in the 17th century. It was seen as a ritual to project and animate miniature paintings on a screen of canvas or smoke. At les Ateliers de Paris, the exhibition gathering a dozen of young designers reflect on this idea through a selection of lighting and luminous objects becoming subjects for mysterious narratives, supernatural apparitions and extraordinary phenomena.

10. Apparatus - Neo rituals and daily sacraments

Just a little further near Bastille, we end our walk at Boon Room, a concept Store and Gallery focusing on collections, grouped into three pillars : Fashion, Art and Design, but all with a contemporary and multicultural approach to luxury retail.

For Paris Design week Bon Room showcases a very high selection of domestic objects reflecting the image of duelling through a very narrative and ritualized lens.  Precious materials, mineral colours, research into the geometry of proportions, careful focus on the daily gestures of the everyday, quiet atmosphere of contemplation turn the mundane into the sacred in a way that remind us the use of aesthetic to emphasize the holy atmosphere of a sanctuary. Home is the new temple.

Among the selection: APPARATUS presents a collection of domestic objects that recalls the image of the altar imbued with a neoclassical aesthetic: censer, chalice, candle holder, lantern. Sensual materials like marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain are combined with patinated brass to create the studio’s distinctive catalogue. The New York based design studio explores the relationship between lighting, furniture and objects in immersive environments threading the historical and the cultural through a modern lens.  Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each sculptural piece is hand-finished and assembled in their New York space that encompasses gallery, development and production.

Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar approaches the studio’s work as narrative, drawing on the vocabulary of desire and emotional response. Inspired by the modernist principle of a total work of art, the studio is an ever-evolving articulation of considered spaces and the things that live within them.

An allegory of detail and a powerful material parable for a Design vision of home as a sacred place of rest and self-care for the body and mind.