Cultural Comments

Drowning in Data – Information Art.

Edo Dijksterhuis

Depicting Fatigue – Technology Overload in Contemporary (Women’s) Comic

Kim Jooha

A Patterned Palette – Beautiful Data

Galit Ariel

Machines Can Do the Work? – Kate Crawford: AI, Ethics and Art

Sophie Rzepecky

Moving to Mars – Renderings of Hope

Josh Plough

Slave Romance – Kara Walker

Rajesh Punj

The Front Row

I Miss My Pre-Internet Brain – 24/7 + Foto/Industria Biennial

Silvia Anna Barilla

Feeds and Reads BIO26 + Dutch Design Week

Gabrielle Kennedy

Seasonal Shout

Information Superpower – Graphic Matters

Dennis Elbers

Domestic Chaos – What’s So Great About Streamlining?

Philippa Snow

Locating Design – KIM1995: Staying Put

Silvia Anna Barrila

Time to Read – Crushed by Information

Christina Guadalupe Galvan

Projects & Personalities

The Future is Now Loading – Suzanne Treister

Nadine Botha

Goose Bumps – Studio Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters

Emma Lucek

The State of Extremes – Aric Chen

Sophie Rzepecky

Somewhere Out There – Louis De Cordier

Emma Lucek

Crazy in Love – Simon Fujiwara

Earlwyn Covington

It’s All Connected ­– Hans Haacke

Christina Guadalupe Galvan

A Man Cave – Hypersity’s Architectural Dialogue

Dawn Hung

A Letter from...

The Poet of Light ­– Ingo Maurer

Flavio Manzoni

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