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Artemide and the light of life

This year Artemide is celebrating its anniversary. Time to reflect on past achievements? Well maybe, but this is a company that has always looked to light to break new ground […]

Kvadrat and products of emotions

When Alfredo Häberli describes himself as a product designer he is not wrong, but it’s not a label that has limited his work. Here he talks about his approach and relationship with […]

Tarkett and Aquafil close the loop on carpet tiles

  With the current surge in environmental concern, the metaphysical question of nature or nurture is worth revisiting once again in the context of materiality. Given the current notoriety of […]


A Light in the Darkness

Gadgets and Giving The multidivisional operations of Philips means that hardly a day that goes by without some kind of news coming from the company’s global remit. Philips Design is one part […]