Bang bang you’re dead! Daan Wubben

Words by Chieri Higa

Time is the essence

By Grace McKeever

Athens Calling

Sam Steverlynck

Long Reads

Space and Time: The Hospital of the Future

Interview by Gabrielle Kennedy

“If it became automatic, would the hospital of the future be more human?” This is the last question posed in the video for The Hospital of the Future, an ongoing […]

Silent Activism, Alexandra Kehayoglou

Words by Emma Singleton

If you shout the loudest do you always get heard? For artist Alexandra Kehayoglou activism that leads to sustainable change can take other forms. Her silent activism “is to do […]


ByBorre, words by Mark Smith

It’s all very well being on the “inspiration circuit”, but as material innovator Borre Akkersdijk says, “that’s not business, it’s entertainment”. To make innovation profitable the scale has to be […]

Research & Realities


BIO: Benjamin McMillan is a recent graduate of the graphic design department at ArtEZ Arnhem, the Netherlands. His current work investigates the intersection between machine-minds and design. PROJECT: Full Auto […]


Hans Lensvelt gives good anecdote, after all this is the man who gave the go ahead for the special edition Torture Chair. It’s probably why he is working on a book to preserve and share his memories.

Tools of Invention

Rather than seeing digital and analogue productions methods as opposites, the research behind the works design duo Janne Schimmel and Moreno Schweikle created for their exhibition A Tree Full of Splinters asks us to consider what a ‘real’ material is.


DAMNº selects at MDW19: Freitag Lab x Georg Lendorff

The collaboration between Freitag Lab and Swiss video artist Georg Lendorff flipped Milan Design Week on its head. The installation Unfluencer – De-sinning the Designer was what the company described […]