Exhibition, Aybar Gallery, Miami, FL, USA.

From March 10, 2016 until May 15, 2016
Miami welcomes a new design gallery which exhibits, produces and commissions original designs: Aybar, by Francisco Polo and Markus Herchet. It’s first exhibition is called PREFACE and shows a selection of limited editions by Formafantasma and Marre Moerel.
As in most of her work, Madrid based Dutch designer Marre Moerel has used her particular technique to obtain high-end conceptual pieces and with HILO, the designer has " pushed the boundaries of ceramics to it's extreme limits obtaining vases with high-end crafmanship, strong character and intuitive emotions making something which in theory it isn’t suppose to be possible”.
London based Studio Formafantasma investigated the pre-bakelite period, discovering unexpected textures, feelings and technical possibilities offered by natural polymers extracted from plants or animal-derivatives. The designers dig into the 18th and 19th centuries, when scientists began experimenting draining plants and animals in search for plasticity.