Exhibition, Y Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

From February 10, 2016 until March 1, 2016
Y Gallery just launched OBJECT/OBJECTIVE, the first solo show by Eung Ho Park. The exhibition features recent works created to convey his ongoing interest in the arrangement and transformation of ordinary objects into statements about the human condition.
Commonplace objects from daily life - spoons and forks, coins, and bottle caps - are grouped into works depicting 'Contemporary Narratives of Humanity'. The exhibition includes a large-scale floor installation of tree twigs, and also features Park’s video of small branches swept away by ocean waves.
The show’s title refers not only to the items chosen, OBJECT, but also to the ideas that Park is approaching, OBJECTIVE. He transforms ordinary objects into unexpected and inventive compositions. Park establishes a parallel between the chosen elements and the human body: heads, eyes and silhouettes. He addresses the course of life from birth to death, and the pursuit of truth despite cultural differences. Through his observance of social movements, he hopes to advance the goal of personal fulfillments.