A book between two stools

Noor Ali Chagani 2012 © Nicolas Suk

An exhibition bringing together 200 books and chairs created by artists hailing from different cultures, Villa Empain, Brussels, 1 March - 7 Sept.
For two millennia the book has been expressing a set of world values and representations. With the general upsurge of electronics, since the screen has been competing with the realm of paper, and despite all the various fears expressed, the book is holding its own. Opposite the book, and with it : the chair ! Historically associated with power, it has acted as a throne since Antiquity, though this has not barred it from other uses. Like the book, the chair has been a source of inspiration and creation for many artists, while craftsmen and designers have produced it in a thousand and one ways. In the magnificent Art Déco Villa Empain in Brussels, between two chairs, there is always a book, a link, a sense of wonder, and an invitation to dialogue. 
Lauren DiCioccio, Talking About Particulars, 2012, picture Nicolas Suk
Eyal Burstein. Galila Gelb, nicknamed the Pyramid Chair.
Tobias Collier, Bifurcation chair, 2009, picture Nicolas Suk
Jonathan Callan, The Selected Works of Mao Tse Tung, 2010, picture Nicolas Suk