A passion for Jean Prouvé. From furniture to architecture.

Jean Prouvé: Free-form coffee table, c.1955; Standard Chairs, 1930; Perriand bookcase, c.1950; Cité armchair, c.1933

The collection of Laurence and Patrick Seguin.
This is an exhibition devoted to the furniture and architecture of French designer Jean Prouvé. The collectioners first discovered his furniture designs in the late 1980s, and were immediately struck by the unique aesthetic, in which artistic skill lies wholly in the imperceptible technical mastery that has been devoted to enhancing the strength of the materials. The couple then began to take an interest in Prouvé’s work as a whole, going on to discover his architectural designs. With the idea that “there is no difference between constructing a piece of furniture and constructing a building”, Jean Prouvé applied the same design approach to both fields and based all of his work on it. In Galerie Patrick Seguin, Turin, Italy.