Aase Texmon Rygh - Modernism Forever!

Aase Texmon Rygh: Møbius (standing), 1995; bronze; National Museum / Andreas Harvik.

Exhibition, Nasjonalmuseet Oslo, Norway 07 March – 28 September.
Aase Texmon Rygh is one of the most important pioneers in modern Norwegian sculpture. She found her artistic vision early, remaining faithful to it throughout her career. With exceptionally strong determination, she arrived at a simplified and abstract form of visual expression at a time when naturalistic sculpture still had a dominant place in Norway. Her Möbius sculptures, for which she is well known, are series of works characterised by a highly simplified and condensed form of expression based on the mathematical Möbius shape, a formal principle that emerged after many years of experimenting with a narrow group of motifs. Rygh subscribes to the principle of less is more; nothing is left to chance and great attention is given to the properties of the material.