African-print Fashion Now! A Story of Taste, Globalization and Style

Exhibition, Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles, US.

Until July 30, 2017
Here visitors are introduced to a dynamic and diverse African dress tradition and the increasingly interconne ed fashion worlds that it inhabits: ‘popular’ African-print yles created by local seam resses and tailors across the continent; international runway fashions designed by the newe generation of couturiers; and boundary-breaking, transnational, and youth yles favoured in Africa’s urban centres.
All feature the colourful, boldly designed, manufac- tured co on textiles that have come to be known as African-print cloth. The exhibition tells the global ories of these textiles – the early hi ory of the print cloth trade in We and Central Africa, the expansion of produ ion following independence movements, and the in- creasing popularity of Asian-made print cloth today.