Albert Oehlen - Home and Garden

Albert Oehlen, Untitled, oil and acrylic

Exhibition, New Museum, New York, USA, 10 June – 13 September
Included here is a selection of the artist’s early self-portraits, his computer paintings and switch paintings from the 1990s, and more recent works fusing appropriated advertising signage and aggressive brushstrokes. Rather than following a chronological path through Oehlen’s prodigious 30-year career, the exhibition explores contrasts between interior and exterior, nature and culture, irony and sincerity, demonstrating the artist’s commitment to continually expand the language of painting in surprising ways. Across all of his work, Oehlen displays an experimental and intuitive approach to painting infused with a refreshingly irrational sensibility that is inspired by a variety of influences, including Punk and Surrealism.