Alec Soth, Photography Is A Language


From February 27, 2020 until August 16, 2020
The American Alec Soth has been counted among the world's leading photographers for some years now. His 2004 series Sleeping by the Mississippi catapulted him into stardom: following in Robert Frank's footsteps, the artist documented American life on a road trip along the Mississippi – and did so in a very subjective, poetic and melancholic way. Soth's photographic oeuvre – he is a member of renowned photo agency Magnum – has since been on display in all major exhibition houses and photography institutions. His solo exhibition at KUNST HAUS WIEN constitutes an Austrian premiere: Soth's famous series Sleeping by the Mississippi (2004), Niagara (2006), Broken Manual (2010) and Songbook (2014) will be shown for the first time in Vienna, alongside his most recent work I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating (2019). With the latter, a condensed portrait series, the artist has once again caused a sensation after a one-year break.
Soth creates extraordinarily vivid portraits of people and places. In his unique photographic language, he tells of great feelings such as love and loneliness, and reflects on far-reaching socio-political themes. In his pictures, deeply human desires and needs reverberate, telling of both the trivial and complex realities of life, of physical and psychological landscapes alike.
Alec Soth, Vasa, 2002. Peter's houseboat. Sleeping by the Mississippi.
USA. Winona, Minnesota. 2002. Peter's houseboat. Sleeping by the Mississippi.
UKRAINE. Odessa. 2018. Galina.