Amsterdam Art Weekend

Art Weekend, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

From November 23, 2017 until November 26, 2017
The sixth edition of Amsterdam Art Weekend takes place during an extend weekend, where the city will be turned into an unparalleled global art destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike.
Amsterdam Art Weekend provides access to high-quality art, with a commitment to spotlighting new and emerging talents. Over fifty cutting-edge galleries, museums, project spaces and other institutions present a vibrant program of openings, performances, panel discussions, screenings and much more. As well as the galleries, Amsterdam Art Weekend collaborates with important cultural institutions such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, EYE, Rijksakademie and Oude Kerk. All the participants will have tailor made and exciting programs to check out during the weekend.

Be among the first to see the site-specific exhibition by the French artist Christian Boltanski (1944) at the oldest building in Amsterdam, the Oude Kerk. Oude Kerk will show this radical and site-specific exhibition called "NA". The renowned artist’s oeuvre deals with the way we remember and com memorate. In a memory- filled space like the Oude Kerk, with its eight centuries of history and 2,200 memo rial stones, his work is more than relevant. The artist presents over sixty tombs as beacons for the hereafter, and asks visitors: what happens after our life has come to an end?
Oude Kerk also hosts an artist talk together with Boltanski and internationally acclaimed curator Hans Ulrich Orbist. Obrist, the artistic director of London’s Serpentine Gallery, has co-curated more than 250 exhibitions. As the editor of ‘The conversation series’, he spoke to twenty-two contemporary artists, including Boltanski. This in-depth discussion is a continuation of their ongoing interaction, and will be followed by a question-and-answer session.