Another exhibit about promotion and sales material

Stefan Sagmeister: Head Badge Posters, a silk screen production in celebration and tribute to the distinct design of vintage head badges in all their vibrant, metallic and colourful glory

Stefan Sagmeister is a pop star”... exalts Mieke Gerritzen, a Dutch graphic designer and friend of the artist, when describing him in an article appearing in the exhibition catalogue. Indeed, best known for his CD boxed sets for David Byrne, Bryan Eno, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, and the Rolling Stones (for which he earned several Grammy Awards), Sagmeister is happy to set up actual performances to produce the print design of his projects. Whether it is composing sentences with letters carried around the world by bit players for a TV commercial or having a poster’s wording carved into his own torso and with a razor blade, he always comes up with staging that revolves around the language he has chosen to compose.