Are Interiors Trends Over?

Talk series, Dornbracht, Berlin, Germany.

November 16, 2017
The eighth edition of the Dornbracht Conversations talk series deals with the question of whether interior trends are over or not. While there has not been a dominant new architectural movement for decades it will be discussed whether eclecticism has taken over, with people mixing and matching contemporary and heritage styles.
Under the heading “Transitional Style”, this seems to have become a global expression of the zeitgeist. Characterized by a progressive, experimental approach to materials, textures, forms and colours, Transitional Style aims at blending different influences, resulting in a cohesive design.
The eighth edition of the Dornbracht Conversations talk will discuss so-called “Transitional Style” with leading architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu (Neri&Hu, Shanghai) and Rafael de Cárdenas (Architecture at Large, New York), asking whether we have run out of design “isms” and whether eclecticism is here to stay.
It became clear that Dornbracht, as a company, feels compelled permanently to address topical questions arising within the context of design, culture and architecture, and to develop successful products that are open for a wide range of shapes, whil maintaining the relevant product features of pithiness, proportion and precision. After all, maintaining an open mind and driving the evolution of the bathroom lie at the heart of the brand’s raison d’être.

Dornbracht represents the very highest quality of manufacture, progressive production and innovative design. The premium fittings of this family company have won numerous international awards, acting as a driving force for the developments and trends of an entire industry. Worldwide. This success story is based on a principle that has held good for more than 60 years, namely that change should never be regarded as constraint, but as opportunity.