Artists in bath house

wall piece by Belgian artist Parole.

Urban art in Paris
The famous old bathhouse Les Bains (º1885) in the centre of Paris - where among others Marcel Proust liked to take his steam baths, and where later on when the bathhouse had transformed into a famous concert hall and fashion temple Basquiat, Joy Division, Warhol, Kate Moss, Prince and many more celebrities gave act of presence - is currently been refurbished to become once again a hybrid venue. Les Bains will resurrect in the summer of 2014, but meanwhile the building is been occupied by a challenging plethora of urban artists who use its walls as a giant canvas. Thus on the very walls which witnessed Proust & co, a new generation of international talents create an ephemeral artwork. Until 30th of April 2013 their work in progress is being unveiled exclusively on
A signature mosaic from the Space Invader.
NY based Polish urban artist SKKI in action.
Piece by Portuguese street artist VHILS, aka Alexandre Farto.
The Italian stencil duo Sten Lex was here.
Vengeance de la Nature, by French artist Ludo.
Work by Berlin based Joachim Sauter.
Work by Portuguese born Parisian artist ASH (aka Victor Ash).