Artists with Beirut

Javiera Estrada May the Winds Blow till They Have Wakened Death 2014 Silver Gelatin print Courtesy of the Artist
From September 25, 2020 until October 2, 2020
In Solidarity: International Artists to Raise Relief Funds for Lebanon
LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 2020 “Artists with Beirut” was born out of a heartfelt need to show support and solidarity with the people of Beirut, Lebanon in the aftermath of the apocalyptic blast that occurred on August 4, 2020 at the Beirut Port.
“Artists with Beirut” is an online benefit art auction to help raise relief funds for the 300,000 people rendered homeless from the explosion.
All funds raised will go directly to the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020, a coalition comprised of Lebanese diaspora organizations SEAL, LIFE, LebNet, Jamhour Alumni (US/Europe) and Kuwait- America Foundation, focused on supporting non-profit, non-governmental organizations working to meet the humanitarian relief among vulnerable populations impacted by the explosion. Funds will be disbursed with full transparency to well-vetted NGOs according to the most pressing needs, which include Shelter and Rehabilitation for households, SMEs, Medical and Mental Health.
The auction will be showcased on ArtScoops, an online auction house and marketplace from September 25th to October 2nd 2020. A preview will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2020.
The architect behind the initiative is El Gemayel-d’Herbécourt, a French-Lebanese filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles. “As I watched the catastrophic scenes from the Beirut explosion, I could almost feel its tremor in my home. With my mind still reeling from the shock I realised there was something I could and knew how to do: fundraise. I immediately contacted a few artist friends and their response was heartwarming. That’s how “Artists with Beirut” was born.”
From Los Angeles: Gregory Beylerian, Javiera Estrada, Joséphine Wister Faure, Francesca Gabbiani, Sharon Kagan, Susan Lizotte, Cynthia Minet, Tania Mikaela, Mr Brainswash, Rob Reynolds, Eddie Ruscha, Marianne Sadowski, Miko Saijo, Larry Yust
From Beirut: Akil Ahmad, Ihab Ahmad, Carl W. Brandien (donated from a collector in Lebanon), Nevine Bouez, Mansour El Habre, Jimmy El Homsy, Aram Jughian, Irene Ghanem, Laure Ghorayeb, Dia Mradd, Katya A.Traboulsi, Tony Ward Couture (Worldwide)
From Paris: Sandra Detourbet, Atiq Rahimi, Francois Moret, Jean-Marc Nahas, Zoulliart
From Montreal: Joseph Chahfé, Sayeh SarfarazFrom New York: Sumayyah Samaha, Adam Handler, Cherien Dabis From Washington D.C.: Victor Ekpuk
From New York / Beirut: Rania Matar
From Los Angeles / Marseille: Harry AbbouFrom Beirut / Paris: Vladimir Antaki, Serge Najjar From Beirut / Brussels: Jean Boghossian
From London / Paris / Tehran: Afarin Sajedi From Los Angeles / Paris: Guillaume Zuili
From London / Beirut: Zena Assi
Sandra Detourbet Fais Battre 5 2015 Gouache on paper mounted on canvas signed Courtesy Artist Galerie Coin D'Art
Rob Reynolds_Note to self 2012 20 letterpress ink on screen printed card stock Artist Collection
Nevine Bouez Angle 2020 Ceramic Stoneward with white Glaze
Katya Traboulsi Eyes Only 2020 Acrylic on Collage_Signed with Certificate Artists Collection
Eddie Ruscha Untiled Ink on Paper Signed Verso 2020 Artist Collection
Dia Mradd Gebran Khalil Gebran Digital Print
Afarin Sajedi Comedy 2020 Acrylic on Cardboard 2020_Courtesy Etemad Gallery