Better In Than Out

'Customised' Banksy piece, picture by Vitor Belanciano.

An urban show by Banky in NY
“Banksy, world-renowned recluse and PG-13 provocateur is wreaking organized havoc on the streets of New York City. The result, the public show "Better In Than Out," is part scavenger hunt and part performance piece, with a new work popping up each day throughout the month of October, in neighborhoods far and wide.” > NY Magazine writes about British urban artist Banksy´s artist residency on the streets of New York. An interactive map enables us to follow the track of Banksy through New York. Although most of it might been painted over by now.
Interactive following Banksy through New York, published on
´Protected´piece by Banksy and Os Gemeos, picture by Vitor Belanciano.
Banksy piece getting ´restored' - Picture by Vitor Belanciano.
Another ´protected´Banksy piece - picture by Vitor Belanciano.