Body Doubles

Mishima in Mexico (video still), 2012, by Wu Tsang; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Collection, gift of the Buddy Taub Foundation, © 2012 Wu Tsang; photo courtesy Michael Benevento, Los Angeles.

Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA, until 19 April 2015.
Body Doubles raises complex questions about the relationship between the body and identity, exploring the myriad ways that artists have used the body to challenge boundaries – between the individual and society, male and female, interior and exterior, normal and transgressive. It is recognised that the body is not fixed but is rather in a perpetual state of flux and transformation. The exhibition explores two parallel ideas: that multiple bodies can perform one identity (akin to the role of the ‘body double’ in cinema); and that multiple identities can exist within one body. The body as a “vehicle for thought and action”, to quote Thomas Osborn.