Bokeh at London Design Festival 2020

Mint Carissa Ten Tije Bottom Ash LDF20
From September 12, 2020 until September 30, 2020
Bokeh, is the visual quality of the blurry areas in a photograph. The soft pleasing feel of bokeh guides us to focus our attention on the important elements.
This year our exhibition showcases a distinctive capsule collection, which merges traditional craft and innovative techniques. During this time of global upheaval and uncertainty, we have been offered the time to reflect and re-evaluate our values and priorities. Our belief in the importance of minimising the human impact on the environment has only been reinforced, and design lies at the very heart of this.
Bokeh demonstrates how designers are achieving this goal by rethinking their approach to the design process, in order to create a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the environment. They explore innovative material choices with striking visual results, where each piece also asks to be appreciated for its aesthetics and beauty. In this way, Bokeh ultimately presents a window of hope towards a better future.
Mint Esna-Su Emptiness Collection LDF20
Mint Jessie White Cork and Leather LDF20
Mint Kajsa Melchior Fictive Erosion LDF20
Mint Kajsa Melchior Fictive Erosion LDF20
Mint Max Lipsey Woven LDF20
Mint Rino Claessens Scraped Earth LDF20
Mint Theoreme Edition (Pool Studio) Achille Armchair LDF20
Mint Theoreme Edition (Services Généraux) Paysan Tables LDF20
Mint Willem van Hooff Core Vases LDF20