Boys get skulls, girls get butterflies

Pendant with cupid and skull, ca. 1685-1700, Germany or France, MAKK, picture Martin Klimas.

Jewellery art MAKK in Cologne, Germany 21 September – 15 December
The exhibition displays significant jewellery art from ancient times through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque to the present, in dialogue with works by internationally renowned goldsmith Georg Hornemann. Some 150 pieces are shown in a thematic compilation. The focus, after a quote from the New York tattoo artist Scott Campbell, relates to the object language of jewellery. Topics such as mysticism and power, love and sentimentality, extravagance and splendour, or function and design are pursued. The jewels leave their place in the art-historical chronology for a limited time. Documented here is the constant interplay of continuity and change, tradition and radical change, and sometimes forced evolution.