Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century

Crocodile necklace made as a special order for María Félix. Cartier Paris, special order, 1975. Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies; Length 30 cm. and 27.3 cm. Cartier Collection. Photo: Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection © Cartier

Exhibition, Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA, until 15 March.
The DAM hosts this world-exclusive exhibition, which features stunning jewellery, timepieces, and precious objects created between 1900 and 1975. The presentation highlights Cartier’s rise to pre-eminence and the historical events pushing the evolution of the Maison, as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewellery and accessories. A special section focused on masculine items offers a rare look at the pieces Cartier crafted especially for men, including the modern wristwatch. An immersive installation, it includes a selection of original preparatory drawings alongside historic photographs and film clips, advertising materials, and movie stills, providing insight into the evolving cultural setting of the time period.