CALLY SPOONER, off camera dialogue, 2014, video still.

Exhibition, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld, Germany, until 12 April.

Cally Spooner writes fragmentary novellas, (musical) theatre and monologues, using assemblages of contemporary theory, philosophy, pop culture, events and current affairs. Her texts become a basis for live productions, films, radio plays and sound installations, where she investigates the movement and behaviour of speech, and its physical translation on stage, in film studios, and as labour, in the workplace. Since 2013 the artist has been developing a peripatetic musical, delivered by a chorus line of 26 women, gossiping about fallen popular heroes, unfulfilled promises, and instances of automation parading as liveness in politics, pop music and sport. It explores conditions of technical dependency; the making technical of language and behaviour through the regurgitation of personal expression with market agendas.