Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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WEST Kotznick
From April 3, 2020 until April 17, 2020
Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents an online viewing room themed “Hope and Togetherness” in response to the current situation from April 3 to 17, and launches a new website. The gallery's artists are opening the doors to their studios virtually and show impressions behind the scenes on Instagram via @carpentersworkshopgallery.
AVL Bronze Family Lamp
AVL Minimal Kiss Lamp
AVL Model The Burghers
AVL Pappamamma Lamp
AVL Together Lamp
BAAS Mantel Clock Sweepers
CARBONELL Round Chandelier 2 (80_2018)
CARBONELL Yellow Honey Hive Concrete Base (130_2019)
CASTLEA New Seeing
DUBOURG Bhanga Yellow
REINOSO Spaghetti-Bale
STUDIO-DIRFT Fragile Future Wall