Chiral Garden

Chiral Garden, Irene Kopelman, The Levy´s Flight, 2009, clay with pigments.

exhibition Irene Kopelman, La Verrière Hermès, Brussels,until 14 December.
The Gestes de la Pensée series continues with this installation – a hymn to asymmetry in nature. The artist combines scientific research and minutely detailed reconstruction, inviting the visitor to the pleasures of contemplation. Kopelman applies herself to the non-expert, deliberate, passionate re-appropriation of cognitive experience, drawing on the modes and forms of scientific investigation, but she also obliterates its speculative aims, falling back on a sense of wonder at those fascinating, complex, chaotic forms. As the presiding genius of the series, Marcel Duchamp would doubtless have saluted this hybrid installation’s meticulous formal associations and artisanship, which borders on poetry.