Christien Meindertsma: Beyond the Surface

Vitra Design Museum Gallery explores the material manipulations of Christien Meindertsma

From August 18, 2018 until January 20, 2019
Christien Meindertsma has become known for her somewhat unique approach to creating a product – which mainly relies on the actual product being a small element of the design process.
Instead, she favours delving into the ins and outs of modern industrial production, questioning existing materials while foreseeing what can be used in the future. For the exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery – part of the huge Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein – Meindertsma's work with the materials of wool, flax, incinerator bottom ash and recycled wool will be in focus.
On display are projects such as the One Sheep Sweater (2010), for which she produced garments from the coats of individual sheep, and the Flax Chair (2015), an innovative, sustainable piece of furniture made from a now rarely used material, which earned her the New Material Award and the Dutch Design Award in 2016.
"As the title Beyond the Surface suggests, the exhibition does not merely concentrate on finished products, but also encompasses material samples, prototypes and photographs. A particular focus lies on the production processes behind the completed object, which Meindertsma captures by means of films and publications – a method she refers to as documentary design This renders visible how deeply the designer dives into her subject matter, often exploring a topic for long periods of time and positioning one completed project as a launch pad for the next" – Vitra Design Museum
Christien Meindertsma: Beyond the Surface will be on show at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery from 18 August 2018 to 20 January 2019.