Christo's London Mastaba

The Hyde Park sculpture consists of 7,506 stacked barrels on a floating platform

Photograph by Wolfgang Volz
From June 18, 2018 until September 23, 2018
Bulgarian artist Christo has created a temporary sculpture for London's Hyde Park, which floats upon the Serpentine Lake.
Titled London Mastaba, the structure will remain in place from June 18 to September 23 – marking Cristo's first major public outdoor work in the UK.
For the sculpture, Christo has used 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels in varying, vivid shades of blue, fuchsia and red – making it a real visual marking point for those wandering around the park.
Work began on the sculpture in early April, and was finished a day ahead of its unveiling. According to the artist, all of the materials involved have low environmental impact in order to preserve the ecosystem of the lake.
Once it is dismantled in September, materials will all be locally recycled.
"For three months, The London Mastaba will be a part of Hyde Park's environment in the centre of London," Christo commented. "The colours will transform with the changes in the light and its reflection on the Serpentine Lake will be like an abstract painting."
"It has been a pleasure to work with The Royal Parks to realise The London Mastaba and with our friends at the Serpentine Galleries to create an exhibition showing Jeanne-Claude’s and my 60-year history of using barrels in our work.”
The London Mastaba, on show at Hyde Park until 23 September
Photograph by Wolfgang Volz
Photograph by Wolfgang Volz
Photograph by Wolfgang Volz