Cindy Sherman, Untitled Horrors

Cindy Sherman: Untitled Film Still #10, 1978, © Cindy Sherman; courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York

Exhibition, Moderna Museet Stockholm, Sweden, until 19 January 2014.
Cindy Sherman’s photography is instantly accessible, but also labyrinthine and contradictory. The artist herself is both model and photographer, but the pictures are not portraits. Sherman’s works conjure up narratives without revealing anything themselves. They cull material from a flow of film, art and media, creating links between the familiar and the unknown. What in her pictures do we want to believe, and why? Cindy Sherman circumvents the rational, categorical eye. The exhibition stretches from her earliest series to the recent society portraits and murals, a selection reflecting the recurring trait of the dark, grotesque, and base – the abject, as it was called in 1980s art theory.
Cindy Sherman Untitled #402, 2000 Fargefotografi/C-print / Chromogenic colour print 88 x 60 cm Astrup Fearnley Samlingen / Collection
Cindy Sherman Untitled # 199-A, 1989 Fargefotografi/C-print / Chromogenic colour print 63,3 x 45,7 cm Astrup Fearnley Samlingen / Collection.
Cindy Sherman Untitled #132, 1984 Fargefotografi/C-print / Chromogenic colour print 176,3 x 119,2 cm Kunsthaus Zürich