Architect Wim Goes takes inspiration from Mark Rothko’s colour palette for a new range of bookcases made of aluminium.

Until July 7, 2019
Currently on display at Casa Argentaurum are Wim Goes' glossy lacquer bookcases, the striking colours of which were inspired by Mark Rothko. Based on an earlier design made out of plywood, these bookcases are make using sheet aluminium and are assembled using a cut-and-slot technique - making them modular!
Alongside these new bookcases, Wim Goes is presenting his WGT99 table, which was originally designed in 1999 and used, among other places, for the S.M.A.K.
A part of the collection of the Ghent Design Museum, these tables, with their archetypical shape, have now been out of production for some time. “People kept asking for a new production run. The fact that these tables have survived trends and remain used in so many homes, appreciated by connoisseurs, shows that they remain relevant to this day. I am proud to be able to offer them again”, says Caroline De Wolf, owner of Casa Argentaurum Gallery.