This year, during the fair DAMN° will proudly present works by Klaas Rommelaere (BE) and Wendy Andreu (FR).

Regen Soft Poufs by Wendy Andreu
From March 14, 2019 until March 17, 2019

COLLECTIBLE, a unique fair dedicated exclusively to the 21st-century contemporary collectible design, will open the doors on 14th March 2019 to host its second edition. Once again, the Vanderborght building will serve as a perfect setting for design objects and furniture presentation: its atrium generates a light shaft that illuminates the six floors of the building, the infrastructure is composed of museum quality walls. The fair intends to break the mould of traditional fair formats, with an atmosphere and a set up very similar to a biennale. This feeling will be accentuated by the architecture of the space, which allows the visitor to naturally find the pathway.

Conceived as a unifying platform and an exclusive meeting point in the heart of Europe, COLLECTIBLE brings together renowned international galleries and designers, all at the forefront of creativity, selected by a committee composed of distinguished figures from the world of design. This year, during the fair DAMN° will proudly present works by Klaas Rommelaere (BE) and Wendy Andreu (FR).

French designer Wendy Andreu is part of a new design generation that works independently and focuses on the creation of artistic and innovative materials. Her 3D-textile and the technique that lies behind its formation holds the middle ground between architecture and fashion, and also tells the tale that failure is an essential step on the way to flourishing. The Antwerp artist Klaas Rommelaere is an enigma. On first sight, his chaotic textile works seem the product of an internet-infused next generation sarcasm, but in fact, he is exactly the opposite. Rommelaere labours like a monk and has no intention of mocking anything, especially not the team of nimble-fingered grannies who give life to his ideas.

DAMN° presents Klaas Rommelaere (BE) and Wendy Andreu (FR) 
14-17 March 2019 
Vanderborght Building, Brussels