COLLECTIBLE Curates, at Paris Design Week

OrtaMiklos (presented by Functional Art Gallery x Peres Projects).Rock Caves - table, 2020. Image © Functional Art Gallery
From September 3, 2020 until September 8, 2020
COLLECTIBLE, the Brussels fair dedicated to contemporary collectible design, is taking part in Paris Design Week once more, following a successful first iteration last year at the 107Rivoli, the boutique at the MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris). This time with a larger show at the Espace Commines, situated in Le Marais in the heart of Paris, more than 20 designers will be presented in a scenography by Rotterdam-based architect Atelier Tomas Dirrix, based on the one he developed for the March edition of COLLECTIBLE in Brussels.
COLLECTIBLE, a unique fair dedicated exclusively to 21st century contemporary collectible design, whose fourth edition will be held from 11 to 14 March 2021, in the centre of Brussels in the Vanderborght building. Conceived as a unifying platform and an exclusive meeting point in the heart of Europe, COLLECTIBLE brings together renowned international galleries and designers, all at the forefront of creativity, selected by a committee composed of distinguished figures from the world of design.
The exhibitors are:
Anastasia Tikhomirova (Russia), presented by fābula gallery (Russia)
Mircea Anghel (Portugal)
A P P A R T E M E N T 2 (France)
Olga Engel (Russia), presented by Mia Karlova Gallery (Russia)
Thomas Defour (France), presented by 13Desserts (France)
Laura Fournier (France)
Paolo Gonzalo (Italy), presented by Camp Design Gallery (Italy)
Koen Van Guijze (Belgium)
Handmade Industrials (The Netherlands)
müsing–sellés (Spain & Canada)
OrtaMiklos (France & Danemark), presented by Functional Art Gallery x Peres Projects (Germany)
Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas (Lithuania), presented by Galerija VARTAI (Lithuania)
sashaxsasha (Russia)
Yakusha Design (Ukraine)
Nadja Zerunian (Austria)
13Desserts. BAU-ROUGE, 2020. Image © 13Desserts
Camp Design Gallery. Paolo Gonzato. Baracche Charcoal - lamp, 2016. Image © Federico Floriani
Laura Fournier
Olga Engel (Co-presented by Mia Karlova Galerie & Galerie Armel Soyer). Babushka #4 Lamp #1, 2020
Sophie Dries co-signed with Garagisme. Monolith Shift Knob, 2018. Image © Gilles Uzan