Common Cosmos: 287 F-14853

Common Cosmos: 287 F-14853, by artist and architect Dennis Maher.

Exhibition, Cornell University, New York, until 20 December.
For some four years now, artist and architect Dennis Maher has been living-in and simultaneously transforming a house slated for demolition. The Fargo House has become a hybrid of post-industrial construction and archaeological dig; its surfaces and spaces are layered communicators that speak of a continuous tension between the patterns of daily living and the instabilities of objects. The installation Common Cosmos: 287 F-14853 is a satellite of the house, a constellation of assembled and excavated matter. It is constructed from found objects that include ordinary building materials, furniture, and domestic artefacts, with the dome and other canopy-like objects providing a surrogate environment for the Fargo's displaced furnishings.