Curiosity: Art and the pleasure of knowing

Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing: Corinne May Botz, Kitchen (Room from afar), © Corinne May Botz.

Exhibition in Turner Contemporary Margate, UK
A startling exhibition that moves wittily, sometimes mysteriously, between contemporary art, anatomy, Old Master drawings, the history of criminology, Cold War secrets, and the origins of museums and voyeurism in everyday life. Taking as a starting point the cabinets of curiosities that flourished throughout Europe in the 17th century, Curiosity is a detailed and spectacular meditation on the nature of wonder, fascination, and inquiry. Turner Contemporary architect David Chipperfield conceived the design for the. Like its ancestor, the Wunderkammer, this exhibition happily juxtaposes past and present to create a picture of knowledge and invention that is encyclopaedic but highly eccentric.