From September 9, 2021 until September 19, 2021
CURRENT – ART AND URBAN SPACE is a transdisciplinary festival for art in urban space. The first edition will take place from 9—19 September 2021 in Stuttgart. Installations, performances, discussions and workshops set out to explore the connection between art, architecture and the city.
In the first edition, CURRENT dedicates itself to the concept of porosity. The festival focuses on the unforeseen, breaks in planning, the experimental. Artists will use various formats to respond to specific situations in the urban sphere of Stuttgart, local initiatives and institutions are in- volved in independent formats–all in relation to and with the ever-unfinished, porous city.
CURRENT is composed of an experimental exhibition in public space, consisting of nine artistic works with different formats, and an international symposium on September 16 and 17. A spe- cially produced magazine and numerous local collaborations complement the program.
Alona Rodeh, Nightcaps (Thai, lower angle), 2021 Courtesy of Alona Rodeh and VG Bildkunst, Bonn
Constructlab (Juliette Mancini), Promenade, 2020 ©Juliette Mancini
Gwendoline Robin, Fire Works – Kunstenfestivaldesarts, 2020, Bruxelles ©Bea Borgers
Haseeb Ahmed, Study for Turbulences, 2021 © Haseeb Ahmed
Julien Fargetton & Benjamin Frick, Fühlerskop, 2021 ©Ferdinando Ianonne
Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl, Zeichnung Glitch-Klitsche, 2021 ©Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Kö- perl und VG Bildkunst
HONF (House of Natural Fiber), 2021 ©HONF
Begleitbüro SOUP, BRASILIEN, 2021. Foto_02 ©Jens Lyncker
Valentina Karga, zoomorphic islands, concept sketch, 2021 © Valentina Karga