Design Display 06: Transience

From December 5, 2017 until March 31, 2018
Transience is the theme taken on by the current and sixth Design Display exhibition at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.
It focuses on the ecological challenges, for example, show that transience in the organization of industrial societies can be essential for survival. Design Display 06 juxtaposes two designers who deal with impermanence in different ways: Maarten Baas destroys in order to create, while Dave Hakkens develops concepts of sustainability. They both share the attitude that good design means more than good looks.

Design Display presents an expanded notion of design, covering not only product and industrial design, but also experimental and interdisciplinary forms of current design practice. The exhibition aims to show the role design plays in our everyday lives and stimulate discussion about the social aspects of design. A focused presentation of objects will be shown over four-month exhibition periods. Each time two exhibits will face each other, arranged inside a 20- meter-long, 2.40-meter-high, triangular glass vitrine