CID Grand-Hornu presents an exhibition Design On Air grasping the topic of air from different angles.

Club Chair © Maarten de Ceulaer
From June 23, 2019 until October 13, 2019
The air is - for now - is free and available for all. But in the Anthropocene, it is increasingly threatened and needs protection.
The exhibition Design On Air grasps the topic of air from different angles, of the swellable material to the injection of gas in the manufacturing process; air moving to the issue of air quality. If looking for innovative products or materials and techniques of research of functional advantages, such as safety and comfort, sometimes takes over, especially the air evokes the magic of the volatile, the fleeting, ethereal. Without that one excludes the other.
Design On Air revolves around six spontaneous associations between air and design. The exhibition does not aim to give a complete, objective and systematic. Air staging of Brussels interior designer Benjamin Stoz consists of modules through which the eye and the air can circulate freely. Without strict delimitation. Objects and selected projects, in turn, allows many associations and constellations, little bubbles floating image freely in the air. Some eighty projects - a mixture of unique pieces and mass production - have been retained, so many international designers devoted as young Belgian and foreign talent.
Design On Air
From 23 June 2019 to 13 October 2019
Curator – Chris Meplon
Scenography – Benjamin Stoz
Oskar Zieta, Zieta BazAir, installation view © Simona Cupoli
Pascale De Backer, Beach Cocoon, 2007 © Amendolgine Barracchia