Dissident Futures

Dissident Futures: Basim Magdy, Abstract Reality Leaves You Lonely In The Spotlight, 2010

Exhibition, YBCA San Francisco, USA, until 02 February 2014.
Dissident Futures is an investigation into possible alternative futures, particularly those that question or overturn conventional notions of innovation in economic, political, and technological structures. Either through active engagement with future studies or through intuitive investigation, the artists and designers in the exhibition envision a future that expands beyond our conventional expectations. Loosely structured around three thematic strands — the utopian, the speculative, and the pragmatic — the exhibition furthers our understanding of how artists are addressing potentiality and the unknown, from the most desired future to the most feared. The assumption is that the three categories are not hermetic but relational, and that they provide structure to developing works of art that address the future.