Schloß Hollenegg

Schloss Hollenegg. Photo: Leonhard Hilzensauer
From May 15, 2021 until March 30, 2021
An exhibition concentrated on one medium: Ceramics.
The historical rooms of Schloss Hollenegg are to be filled with historical ceramic and porcelain pieces ranging from Japanese Imari wares to Chinese vases, Augarten tea cups, Meissen figurines, Persian tiles and of course spectacular 17th and 18th century stoves. Next to the precious pieces worth of a museum collection, one can often find more mundane and charming object that testimony that the castle has also always been a home. For Earth and Fire twenty-four contemporary designers will be presenting their own ceramic pieces, side by side to the historical pieces of the Liechtenstein collection.
At the same time, only a short walk from the castle, half hidden in the forest, the artist Marie Janssen will be making a large installation, entirely made in ceramic. Over the course of May, she will build a fountain in the shape of a shell. The large public art project, modelled on a water snail and reminiscent of a human ear, will be made and fired on site. The functioning fountain will remain as a present for the community, as a mysterious stranded memento of a time that was.
Ceramics were the first entirely man-made objects and almost every primitive society produce them from readily available ingredients. They could be used for food storage, cooking and for transporting water. The aesthetic range of ceramics is enormous and the different techniques for producing anything from pottery to porcelain, are as varied and diverse as the soils of this earth. The outcome is just as much about chemistry, geology and technology as it is an expression of taste and aesthetics. By placing old and new ceramics next to each other, unusual conversation, the exhibition aims to take the visitor on a discovery journey, showing the incredible ingenuity of artisans and designers and the almost magical power of earth and fire. The exhibition will be curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Rainald Franz, curator for Glass and Ceramics at the MAK in Vienna, as guest curator.
Ahryun Lee. Photo: Ahryun Lee
Alice Walton. Photo: Mark Robson
Attua Aparicio. Photo: MDR
Karl Moines. Photo: Etage Projects
Marie Janssen. Photo: Marie Janssen
Reinaldo Sanguino. Photo: Andrew Nemiroski
Studio Furthermore
Schloss Hollenegg. Photo: Federico Floriani