EDIT Napoli


Vico di San Domenico Maggiore © Elio Rosato
From October 29, 2021 until October 31, 2021
From 29 to 31 October 2021, over 80 international exhibitors including independent designers, brands and manufacturers will bring to life the third edition of EDIT Napoli, the fair focused on design authors, conceived by Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli. Historic places and exceptional locations around the city will also host installations and exhibitions by Lidewij Edelkoort, Daniel Kruger for Galleria Antonella Villanova, La Manufacture, Stephanie Moussallem for House of Today, Federico Pepe curated by Federica Sala, while the prototypes of the Hybrida collection born of the collaboration between the architect-designer Patricia Urquiola and the Caselli Institute – Royal Factory of Campodimonte for MADE IN EDIT, will be the protagonists of an exhibition and a solidarity auction in collaboration with Christie's.
EDIT Napoli www.editnapoli.com – the international fair dedicated to independent designers and design authors – will open its doors to the public from 29 to 31 October 2021 (press preview: 28 October by accreditation; 29 – 31 October open to the public 10.00h – 19.00h) within the spaces of the Monumental Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, in the heart of Naples, and in some quintessential, symbolic hotspots of Neapolitan and Mediterranean culture.
A fair with a strong curatorial and commercial trait. The exhibitors of EDIT Napoli 2021 will bring to a professional and non-professional public, products and projects that promote quality over quantity, territoriality over globalization, and those that make a transparent supply chain one of their strengths.
Over 80 exhibitors, including independent designers, design authors, creators and manufacturers, responded enthusiastically to the curatorial call by the creators of the fair, Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli. Among these, 30 are the emerging names that will form part of the Seminario – the section of the fair dedicated to designers under 30 and brands with less than three years of activity, which will be set up in a temporary loft inside the Complex designed by the architect Giuliano Andrea Dell'Uva.
"The gaze of this 2021 edition turns beyond the border, with particular attention to the Mediterranean. Many collaborations have been formed with international brands and designers, such as those with France, Lebanon and the Netherlands, as well as those with the growing number of young designers that will animate our Seminario" – affirms Domitilla Dardi, curator of the fair.
Vico di San Domenico Maggiore © Elio Rosato
Aina Kari ©thebetterthingsstudio
Andrea Bouquet ©Pepe Fotografia
ARTIERI 1895_ lampada Ripetizioni_design Matteo Bimbi ©Giacomo Razzolini e Davide Lucia
Atelier Macramè_Poudre oval ©Pepper Studio
Atelier Malak_Rolled Up ©Laura Favand
Aufgabe Null_Offline - notebook stand, 2019, L 30 x W 30 x H 100 cm, EPDM-aluminum © Aufgabe Null
Basis Rho by Jeschkelanger_ BSTR TBL ©Jan Brockhaus
Caterina Frongia_PISCINA ©Francesco Corlaita
cc+mamt Mangiatutto 3 ©CCONTINUA - Chiara Caselli
COOLS Collection CAPRI EASY lounge chair at pool ©courtesy fo COOLS Collection
Diego Cibelli Meditation in an emergency ©Grafiluce
Errante seduta Ensis ©Valerio Rufo
Foghile collection ©Jacopo Pinna
Forma&Cemento Coffee Table I silver Coffee table II Fir Coffee Table III Cream disegnato da Studio Irvine per Forma & Cemento ©Francesco Lamonaca
Formepiane tovaglia ©Francesco Stelitano
Fuoripista ©courtesy of Fuoripista
George Geara Totem Lounge Chair ©George Geara
Giovanni Botticelli EQUILIBRISTA MIRRORS x SDG ©Danilo Donzelli Photography
House of Ita Ita and the Swan plate ©Zero_the_one
Isato Prugger StudioLamp ©TomasoCarbone
Jaclyn Pappalardo Meta Chair ©Alex Wheeler
Jonny's Joints Fortu ©Max Pescio
Julia Chiaramonti Specchio ©Eve Dulac-Ackley
Keep Life My Landscape Design By Marta Laudani ©Peppe Fontana
La Fucina di Efesto La Luce di Venere ©La Fucina di Efesto
Lenny Stöpp Twirl Bowls Collection ©Lenny Stöpp
LI-AN-LO Mycelium ©Ellinor Hellberg Honst
LITHEA CALAFATO side table - design Elena Salmistraro ©Bartuccio Nino
Magda t home libreria e tavolino ©pepe fotografia
Margart ©Margart
Margherita Rui Alfabeto lava ©Mattia Balsamini
Medulum Milione ©courtesy of Medulum - Matteo Lavazza Seranto
Milla Noåvo @novo_art
Naturaleverticale Bulloni - Collezione Ventiventi World ©G Carmassi
Nunzia Ponsillo braccio destro ©Nunzia Ponsillo
Orografie Livia Stacchini ©Max Rommel
Yoon Shun, Orbit Stand Light, 2021.
Zieta Studio TAFLA IQ Mirror inox ©courtesy of Zieta Studio