Entrance pavilion for Design Miami/ 2013

TENT PILE, 2013. Formlessfinder

Designed by Formlessfinder
Each December, Design Miami commissions early-career architects to build a designed environment for the fair’s entrance as part of its biannual Design Commissions program. New York-based architecture practice Formlessfinder will design the entrance pavilion for Design Miami/ 2013 (dec 4-8).
Formlessfinder describes itself as a ‘formless’ architectural practice – a studio where an expanded range of ideas, material considerations, construction techniques and user interactions all take priority over the shape of the final building. The refer to their practice as a “finder” because it has a multifaceted output, which includes research projects and a forthcoming book. But while the theoretical aspect is important to its work, Formlessfinder still has the creation of physical structures at its heart.