Experimenta EXD’17

Design Festival, Multiple venues, Lisbon, Portugal.

September 30, 2017
Celebrating the end of the Biennale, Experimenta produces EXD’17, its last edition, with a special format.
The EXD Biennial ends its cycle under the theme BEFORE & BEYOND.
The various themes defined by the Biennial over the years have always been prospective in order to anticipate issues that became crucial in the years following each edition. They also had another characteristic, that of being timeless, without ever becoming dated.
In 2017, at the close of the Biennial, we return to the themes proposed in the past by taking them as a memoir but also throwing them as guidelines for present and future reflection.
The EXD'17 thus presents as main line the idea that it is essential to establish a positive dynamic between the past - from the point of view of what has been established through the experience and the knowledge generated - and the design of the future. It stresses that this dialectic does not at any time jeopardize innovation and creative ability. The past is not just a file, but a source of questioning and knowledge and a solid foundation for the foundation of a more daring and even disruptive future.
The theme is expressed in two ways, one that revisits the nine themes addressed in the previous nine editions, recording them on the one hand, and bringing them into the present and the future, on the other, and a second direction that indicates some of the areas of research and knowledge production that will be continued through regular experiment work.
As the last moment of the Biennial, the EXD'17 is especially symbolic. It aims, among other elements, to celebrate some of the most structuring and identity factors of the EXD. On the one hand, its strong international component; on the other, their interest in national creativity; on the other hand, the prospective and investigative capacity of the platform, whose way of developing content has always contributed decisively to its importance as a vehicle for innovation and transformation of knowledge.